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11 Reasons to Inhabit Mumbai

6 Ways to Relax in Mumbai

April 8, 2015 Comments (0) Views: 6134 Cities & Lifestyle

24 Hours in Mumbai

Mumbai is dynamic. Mumbai is restless. A city with innumerable natural and man-made beauties, rich lifestyle to offer in the day and unapologetic nightlife at the late hours.



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The dream city encompasses sea-shores providing delightful view, the gardens, museums and galleries, shops, theatres, streets, food and parks giving a taste of nature, monuments and sculptures of Victorian era, amusement parks with thrilling rides, race courses, golf clubs, lifestyle amenities, street markets jammed with various affordable products, energetic clubs and bars for accentuating the nightlife, and an endless list to explore.

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If you are a tourist, then it is difficult to capture all the essence of the 603 km.sq city area in a short span of time. Inspite of residing in Mumbai, many people are unable to obtain break from their busy and hectic schedule to breathe in and enjoy the enchanting air of the city. Every Mumbaikar’s daily life ferries between work and home.

Through this article we take you on a day long journey, easy to your pockets and good enough to capture the quintessential spirit of the city.

24 hours in Mumbai– let’s get started!

Morning Time – Western Suburb: Bandra and Dadar

The morning time can be best captured on the rocky shores of Bandra Bandstand where numerous citizens spend their time sinking in the beauty of sunrise. Take a stroll down the footpath and enjoy the sight of the flawless Arabian Sea and the Bandra-Worli Sea Link.

mumbai-sunrise--from-the-sea-link     jpeg-2-2    MWS - Dadar Phool Gully

Missing your morning tea? You can quickly grab a cup of tea from the “chai stalls” around the shore. Next, take a 10 minutes drive to Carter road. Mesmerizing sunshine, mouth watering breakfast at Bagels and Maroosh.

Note, you can skip this filling breakfast in case you wish to offer puja at the Siddhivinayak Temple, which is our next stop.

People from all around the country as well as celebrities visit the temple, Tuesday being the prime day,  to get the blessing of Lord Ganesha. The temple is located very close to Dadar and Wadala Railway Stations, a 10 minutes cab ride from both the corridors.

Take off your shoes, get in the temple and visit the Lord! Don’t forget to grab some Ladoo and Modak as prasad. Remember, the temple is extremely crowded on Tuesdays and around Ganesh Chaturthi!



5-7 minutes walk from the temple will take you to the Mama Kane Restaurant, the perfect location for a typical Marathi breakfast. Try some Marathi delicacies in the form of – missal pav, vada pav, batata pav, poori bhaji and a lot other to choose from.

You may reach the Dadar Station from here through a bus or cab. While you are on the west of the station, make your way to phool gully to treat your eyes with hundreds of vibrant shops spread across the street decorated with bouquets, garlands, and huge baskets of flowers.


Now get back to the station, catch a local train to Thane. An hour travel.

Afternoon Time – Navi Mumbai and Thane

The twin city, Thane located parallel to the sea is surrounded by lush green mountains, colorful gardens beautiful roads, towering skyscrapers and wide blue lakes. Popularly known as the City of Lakes, a visit to Thane is incomplete without enjoying the scene at the infamous Upvan Lake. A 20min bus ride from the station will get you there.

4742061631_9d463f3cc3_z (1)     Yeoor-Hills-Jungle-Picnic-Point-in-Thane-City-07

Regarded as Thane’s lover paradise, this eco-friendly lake is encircled by Yeoor Hills giving you the perfect Thane feels. The mesmerizing greenness surrounding the lake is the best way to relax.

Stomach growling for food? Stop at Viviana mall, perhaps the next best to Phoenix mills and Market City, this mall has everything to offer. From Zara, Benetton, Forever21, Lifestyle to Taco Bells, Barbecue Nation, British Brewing company, Starbucks and Cinepolis theatre.

maxresdefault (2)     recipe-image-legacy-id--513804_11 766366943

3583_824844850863196_1137490498_n       Custom_pizza_buffet_menu_2

Mumbai darshan is incomplete without getting in touch with the rapidly developing satellite city – Navi Mumbai. Catch a local from Thane and alight at Vashi, 30 minutes tops.

Take a quick bite of evening snacks, chat with some piping hot chai, take adrive around or simply walk across to experience one of the very first planned cities of the country.

Drop dead exhausted? Hold your energy for the super enticing Mumbai Nightlife, our next stop.

Evening and Night time – South Mumbai: CST, Colaba and Marine Line.

The breathtaking Victorian architecture in and around the station is commendable. Enjoy the beauty and walk towards the infamous Jehangir Art Gallary situated near The Fountain in Fort. Historical to modern, all kinds of art forms, have contributed in its making. If you are an art lover then it’s the ultimate venue to enjoy fabulous pieces by the best artists around the town.

181_chowpatty      taxi-chhatrapati-shivaji-terminus-railway-india_65088_990x742

Any visit to Mumbai is incomplete without shopping! So let’s hop onto the extremely popular Colaba Causeway- the SoBo Street Market. A short 10-15 minutes walk from the art gallery will get you there. For the locals, it is the place where “sab kuch milega” (you’ll find everything). Handicrafts, books, clothes, jewelry, crystal and bass items, – name it and you’ll find it here. Brush up your bargaining skills and saunter down the market to find yourself amidst indo western wear, jewelleries, footwear, accessories,  antiques and a mosaic of fantastic goods at dirt cheap prices.

The shopping and all the travelling must have been extremely tiring. Colaba is very famous for the café culture and lip smacking delicacies from round the world. Choose from among Café Britannia, Café Leopold, Café Piccadily, Café Mondegar, Bade Miyan or grab delicious world pizza at Pizza By The Bay, a bay view eatery round the corner.

Catch a cab to the impeccable Marine Drive. There is nothing but sea. Serene, tranquil and balmy sea.

Take a short cab ride to the magnificent Worli sea face. You will never find another beauty as this! Look across to find the 5600m long Bandra- Worli Sea Link. Cherish the alluring night lights of the city as you pass through the roads!

Pav Bhaji     04sealink2

It must be already close to 10 pm now, time to hit the nightclub. A grand dinner and high-volume music at the action-packed Hard Rock Café, Worli, 5 mins drive from the Sea face. The cafe, home of hard core pop culture and effervescent ambience, offers an array of delicious American cuisine– mouthwatering burgers, steak, salad, fried and sinful desserts. You may also catch your favorite bands performing rock and jazz surrounded by hundreds of energetic fans.

pub_mumbai_20110704     bestbeerplacesinindia44_1413959854

As they say – Mumbai never sleeps, so haven’t you today! Savor the delicacies and party till late night to end your 1 day trip in the city of dreams in style.

In case you are a little lost, ask the citizens for direction! Mumbaikars are a helpful bunch! Don’t forget to post your ideas at the comments section.



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