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Holi: The History, Colors and Celebrations

Inspiring tale of a true Mumbaikar

March 20, 2015 Comments (0) Views: 1652 Our Story Teller

2215: Inception of a New Era?

Two-two-one-five .Yes ,  you’ve read it right . But , what does it stand for ?  No , it’s not the number of tigers left in India , fortunately . Is it the number of the only court cases pending to get justice ? Sadly , no . What is it then ? Deepika Padukone’s  flat number in Imperial Heights ? No , sadly again . Any guesses ?

man future


Aaah , let’s crack it . It’s the year after two hundred years from now . Hard to imagine , right ? The first thing which passed your mind may be a flying saucer hovering overhead , or may be a humanoid robot  taking your dog for stroll in the virtual park of your floating fortress along with thousand others . A Harry Potter fan would imagine himself armed with an invisibility cloak . A Terminator admirer would like to have an human-alike droid help him carry out his daily chores or beat up some bully . A politician would yet feel like having his chair of power for another 200 years and dupe people for eternity .

maxresdefault      secondforbes

Everyone has a different take on the world after 200 years with surreal expectations . However I have ‘terraforming’ views that human race will survive but not on Earth. We will habituate and form colonies on different planets of varied galaxies. Travel will be replaced by the word “time-travel” . Moving from one colony to another would be quicker than a flick of a finger . There would be a single governing body for all humans with no boundaries and only a certain set of laws and regulations to be followed. People will time travel to different galaxies and colonies for work .Inter and Intra planetary communication would be life-like.

future-world-wallpaper-1gu35    p019ft0wmaxresdefault (1)p01049wg

Let’s take this fascinating example. It’s your father’s birthday, and he is tied up with work on a different galaxy but you want to get your hands on the cake your mom printed (P.S. 3-D Food Printers are near) . Also , you will only eat the cake if your father blows all the candles . So here it is ; you call up your father who appears on a video screen thinner than a hair strand , wish him a happy birthday and he blows all the candles sitting millions of miles away , which also gives you a whiff of a cigar puffed by him a while back  . This will be the technology: Having a real touch through the virtual world . Technology will be developed to such an extent that it will not only help to foresee the weather conditions but also be able to tame it to the requirements. Deserts will be reclaimed and converted to lush forests . Life will be a mixture of Robots and Humans . Life expectancy will be over 120 years for average humans . Ailing body organs will be replaced with new organs grown out of test-tubes . Money won’t remain the driving force for work . People will work for social improvement and explore galaxies through commercial shuttles which will ply as much as any commercial airline these days . Poverty will have been eliminated .

However it’s my gut feeling that Robots will eventually replace humans as the dominant species . The only evidence of human existence would be the Robots themselves, who will exhibit the same caricature as that of a human. All these said, makes me think, problems like poverty, ill- governance, wars and gruesome crimes like poverty, children abuse, terrorism, rape, human trafficking would also come to an end.


The extinction of dinosaurs was an act of nature, the extinction of man will be an act of man.




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