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FACILITIES/PLACES IN THANE – Thane dwells alongside the city of Mumbai with a blended panorama of mountains and sea. Unlike Mumbai, it is a succinct outer from the main area where there is not much assembly. There are some astounding regions of pleasure that will be specified below.

In that area, there is a recreation park named ‘Essel World’. which is located in Gorai and offers as many as 34 exciting rides like the Rainbow, Bumping Cars and plenty of Roller Coasters. The Water Kingdom is located just next to Essel World and allegations of having Asia’s largest wave pool.

There are so many other neighborhoods like Titwala Mahaganesh Temple which is in Titwala village of Thane district, which is known as Siddhivinayak Mahaganpati Temple. There are 200 varieties of birds and more than 50 species of animals endowed.

Another tooth is Naneghat Hills which is an original sightseer attraction resided in the Malshej Ghat region of the Thane District.


Facilities/Places in Thane – There are so many other locations like Bassein Fort, Sudhagad Fort, Tikuji-ni-wadi, Suraj water park, Kelva Beach, St. John Baptist Church, Jai Vilas Palace, Kashimira, Jawahar, Thane Creek, Yeoor Hills and so many. All these areas have their own identity to be famous like Bassein Fort, it was initially calculated as an old Portuguese settlement by the famous Thane Creek. Before prizing as Bassein Fort it was kenned as ‘Fort of St. Sebastian of Vasai’. If someone is a water lover then Suraj Water Park is most suited or them. The Kelva beach is also noted for the vacationing point of locals and tourists. It is one of the widest shingles in the intact state of Maharashtra, ranging for 7km along the coastline of the magnanimous Arabian Sea. The Baptist church was anciently called the St. Anthony’s Church and was erected in 1852 under the guidance and supervision of Fr. Antonio does Porto by the Portuguese Missionaries. Thane Creek is a traditional section for bird conference in Maharashtra. More than 205 genera can be found here like Golden Plover, the Whistling Teals, the Hoopoe, the Grey Plover, and the Avocet. Yeoor Hills is a place that you can’t omit from your top 20 things to see while in Thane, which is popularly known as Mama Bhajan Hills.


Not only these spots are recognised but also so many pursuits a person can do, one of them is Talao Pali is also known as Masunda Talao and is one of the main fascinations of Thane. Talao Pali (talao means “lake” in Hindi) is counted one of the most beautiful lagoons in Maharashtra and can be reached in 15 to 20 minutes, from any neighbourhood in Thane. Talao Pali provides a healthy dose of pleasure and inaction and if you are a foodie, you can try fascinating of the gratifying vessels served here, such as chana masala, peanuts and Chinese food. The lake also concedes boating, which is very unique in Mumbai. There are some places for a trek like Naneghat Hills, Mahuli Fort, Gorakhgad Fort. All of them Naneghat Hill is the best discovering for trekking, photography, and stargazing.

All these liveliness a person can do and the characteristics are so impressive that a person can’t stop himself to traverse.

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