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National Centre for Performing Arts (NCPA)- The Culture hub at Nariman Point

Having obtained a sacred place in the Indian society due to the emphasis by eminent contemporaries, the prolific culture and heritage of the country has proved to be an asset that has to be seamlessly preserved. And this task has been given a lifeline by the National Centre for Performing Arts (NCPA), which is a dedicated multipurpose venue, to promote and preserve the richness of the Indian cultural treasure. It is an ever vibrant location that is suited by events of different kind throughout.


The location is as perfect as the activities

nariman point

Located at the southernmost tip of Mumbai, the NCPA is India’s largest and most holistic performing arts centre with different kinds of theatres and even open spaces. This primetime setting on the shores of the Arabian sea is well connected and could be accessed from Churchgate and CST stations. From here you can hail a cab or simply drive down as facilities for the parking of personal vehicles is also provided in this marvel of a construction.

The visionaries sensed a need and they fulfilled it



Fulfilling the needs of disseminating knowledge, promoting appreciation, providing training and sponsoring scientific research in the fields of traditional, classical, and contemporary performing and visual arts is the strong point of this place and it is successful in doing exactly the same. The principal aim for building it, by the great visionaries JRD Tata and Dr. Jamshed Bhabha was to equip and maintain this erudite platform for Arts is till date been its primary objective.

Arts and Performances @ NCPA



Being able to host over 50 performances in a month, this place offers something for everyone in all forms of the rich arts. In the music genre, there is an offering on Indian, western and western classical music. Dance and theatre form an integral part of the fortnightly performances. Other forms of Art showcased are photography, literature and even tasteful IQ features for children. NCPA calls for soaking yourself into culture and Fine Art intellect.

Membership for the facilities


Built in library that has been well equipped is ever accessible to all the members. The nominal membership charges for the individual members are Rs. 7500 per annum, but there are various other variants of memberships that offer good deals to ensure frequent visits. Dedicated sponsors and funds have been always ready to fund the activities inside the facility.

The in house festivals which transform into festivities



A concept called Artistic Properties which has emerged from the desire to evolve and innovate constantly, spans every genre of the performing arts and taking this as the base, a number of annual events or rather festivals within the NCPA take place which are really the essence for the performing art lovers. Some of these famous fests include, ‘Vasant’, comprising of Gujarati plays, ‘Living Traditions’ a folk music festival, ‘Mudra’ featuring Indian classical dance forms and many such more. The festivals are theme based and therefore make it easy for the audience to decide and go to the subject of their particular interest.

The showcase of worldwide talent

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In the years that have gone by, many dignitaries and famous performers that are renowned internationally have performed at the NCPA in the various genres they belong to. The noted Indian personalities to have graced the arena include Shabana Azmi, Parveen Sultana, Shakuntala, Smita Patil, Vilayat Khan, Birju Maharaj etc. The New Jersey Ballet with its Nutcracker production had staged India’s first full length classical ballet. It also attracted numerous international performers including Yehudi Menuhin, Marcel Marceau etc.

The ambience and the involvement



Built in cafe and a restaurant offer a quick bite to the visitors and the centre organizes visits and tours of the premises on request. What this does is that it makes the new generation Indians or rather Mumbaites aware of the cultural spread and richness and helps develop interest from that stage. A series of performance on some recurring theme also takes place inside the NCPA which usually are monthly, bi monthly or quarterly. The centre has also created lasting relationship and collaboration with famous international arts organizations like National Theatre, London; Metropolitan Opera, New York etc for the Indian audiences to get world class glimpses of their performances.



The bookings for the upcoming programs are available through online portals as well as at the centre itself. For a well spent evening, the surroundings of the posh and clean Nariman area, contribute equally and in turn this centre adds to the cultural richness of Nariman and its surroundings. The beauty and superiority in cultural and traditional performing and visual arts that this place pictures and portrays in unmatched and incomparable in the Mumbai area.

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