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Top 10 Cultural Hubs of Mumbai

24 Hours in Mumbai

April 6, 2015 Comments (0) Views: 4394 Cities & Lifestyle

11 Reasons to Inhabit Mumbai

Mumbai is the most populous city of the country. People immigrate to the city every year owing to adapt to the lifestyle, career options and job opportunities. Mumbai, also addressed as the commercial capital of the country, contributes about 5% to the country’s GDP, making the per capita income and the living standards better compared to other states. Not just economic, the city is home to the political and cultural hub of the country. Moderate climatic condition, women security, luxurious life style and abundant career opportunities have made Mumbai a favorite city to live in.



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The city has eventually evolved as the investor’s paradise. Due to the rising demand of commercial and residential properties, high gain from real estate investment is expected in the future.

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The following are some of the reasons why buying properties in Mumbai would be an excellent choice –



Considering the upward trend in population in the last decade, it won’t be wrong to conclude that real estate investments in Mumbai consistently generate huge appreciation. The towering sky scrapers, commendatory infrastructural developments, educational excellence, job opportunities, elevated lifestyle, existence of Bollywood and growing business opportunities assure the hefty girth of the city. The increasing population points towards the increase in demand of properties. Summing up to the point, property purchase in this city promises the capacity of doubling or even tripling in the coming years.



The city has seen major establishment of corporate and industries in the last three decades. Numerous MNCs in the field of – chemicals, pharmaceuticals, information technology, biotechnology and engineering, Business houses, Fashion and Retail outlets, KPOs & BPOs, etc. have made Mumbai their significant operational base, generating large number of job opportunities.




Inspite of numerous the towering skyscrapers, clean wide roads, numerous subways, flyovers and railway infrastructures, the city keeps growing. The government has been making efforts in building powerful resources to reduce the increasing traffic issues in the metropolis. Some of the important infrastructural developments are—

  • Upcoming Navi Mumbai international airport
  • Santacruz – Chembur Link road – India’s first double decker flyover
  • The Eastern Freeway connecting Panjarpol to Mankhurd-Ghatkopar Link Road,
  • New Railway Stations and number of fast trains in Central, Western and Harbour local lines
  • Metros connecting Andheri- Ghatkopar, Charkop-Bandra-Mankhurd, and Colaba to SEEPZ, upcoming Navi Mumbai Metro
  • The 5.6km long Bandra- Worli Sealink connecting Western Suburbs to South Mumbai



Mumbai is home to Bollywood, one of the most established and popular business aspect of our country. Boiling down to the point, media houses, corporate hubs, PR and advertising agencies have chosen this city over the rest for their establishment. Moreover, markets in Mumbai are famous for trending fashion, at affordable prices, the fashion houses outlets, international brands and quality products. From the street shops to luxurious malls contribute in making the city a paradise for shopaholics and lifestyle enthusiasts.


  1. Commute

Mumbai has magnificent intra-city as well as inter-city connectivity through local railway, known as the citizens’ lifeline that connects all the nooks and corners of the city, BEST buses, A/C NMMT and BEST buses, Metro railway, a recent addition making travelling a lot faster, diligent auto and taxis services. Moreover the entire city isconnected to other outside places via roads, rails and airways.



Mumbai is the center of many reputed institutes from all educational fields. Hundreds of national as well as international schools and universities have their branches in the city providing quality learning to the students. Numerous reputed colleges of fashion, management, science, commerce, arts, law, media etc. exist here.



Mumbai is considered to be one of the best places in the country for establishing businesses. Business men and budding entrepreneurs get easy access to equity and stock market (Dalal Street), skilled labour, employees, raw materials, commute and transport, manufacturing and warehousing, learned executives and experts. The city is home to people from diverse social classes, cultural background, casts, religion and age group. Due to this diversity in population, all kinds of business ideas hold the potential to be successful. For instance, you can choose from – clothing, electronics, jewelries, books and many more such criteria to start your business. The demands in all of these sectors always remain high.



Along with the job opportunities that the city provides to young generation; the high octane nightlife, newest fashion and trends, fast paced life, lifestyle living makes it an ideal place for the youngsters to thrive. As mentioned before, the city offers a wide variety of academic career to choose from, post which there are countless employment opportunities. Mumbai provides a magnitude of delicious restaurants, cultural hubs, music centers, sport centers, night clubs. etc.



It is the process of creating new land from the water bodies – oceans, river beds and lake beds. The addition of new space to Mumbai, through reclamation, makes the city available for larger number of people. Also the people living in shoebox-sized houses in other parts of the city can move into these areas to find spacious accommodation and relief from traffic.



The dream citycomprises of all the resources – housing, entertainment, transportation, basic and social infrastructure;essential for one to live and enjoy life. These have made Mumbai the most livable city in India according to Livability Index ranking.



Reputed builders from all across the world are putting their exclusive ideas, designs and hard work in developing the city. Many great projects have been initiated by them to satisfy the needs of the citizens. Some of them are –

  • LodhaPalava – The Lodha group is involvement in developing one of the largest “planned city” initiatives in the form of Palava. The project aims in making Palava one of the top 50 most livable places in the world by 2025. This sister city of Mumbai is the largest-ever private and completely planned urban development area in India. It spreads over 4000 acres accommodating many residential units, schools, colleges, sport centers, playgrounds, golf course etc.
  • RustomjeeUrbania, Thane West – A self-sufficient township, located in the Thane city, is graciously spread across 127 acres. It is situated right on the Eastern Express Highway, about 10 minutes from the railway station. Modern and spacious living area, commercial, entertainment and retain centers are present in the complex.
  • Runwal Group –Charged with new force of creativity and dynamism, the Runawal group has shaped over 65 landmark projects and served over 20,000 satisfied customers in and around Mumbai.
  • Kapataru Group – For over four decades, Kalpataru group has combined superior designing with innovative ideas to provide Mumbaikars with marvelous residential address and outstanding lifestyle.

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