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Homesfy Propscouts Changing Rental Market Interface

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1000 Brokers & still counting

April 11, 2016 Comments (0) Views: 1130 Homesfy Blog

1000 Broker & Counting

Homesfy started with a vision of providing structured check-in check-out solution to the customer . We promised that 2016 will be a watershed year for us & with each passing day we are building something new & big & Homesfy is growing. The Growth of Homesfy can be adjudged by following facts.

We started our partner services for brokers few months back to solve one basic problem of property buyers to reach 100’s property options by talking to one service manager during the search. Usually, people visit  few brokers & have to shortlist the property and this invariably lead to skipping out of lots of good option & pain is add on. Homesfy is bridging this gap of inventory, we allow the broker to list their property & profile the customer requirement to give both the best match.

In solving the same we have tied up with around 1000 brokers in Mumbai including Thane, which is a giant leap of faith. Broker have all the property under them & if all these properties are  listed at one place with a knowledgeable supervisor overlooking your need the conversion is always guaranteed.

Having a home in Mumbai is a dream of thousands of people & if we can solve 10% of this problem we will consider ourself right on track. At present, brokers are having problem in listing their inventories & also selling them this is due to the fact that their is neither standards in listing the property nor their is well trained & groomed propscouts available for closure of the deal. Homesy is catering this problem by training its propscouts with out any extra charge & also provide several services to the clients which resulting in better conversion & fast closure which was earlier very tough.

By seeing this model work nearly 100 brokers are registering with us on the daily basis & this is bound to rise in upcoming few months. Our motto for registration maximum number of brokers is to bifurcate best of the brokers & armour them with best of the technology, training & setting an unique standard in finding a property. We are very sure that if we can continue at the same pace we can do 3 to 5 times more business than the current position.

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