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10 Best Places for Real Estate Investment in Mumbai

How Mumbaikars perceive Property- Buying

June 5, 2015 Comments (0) Views: 5397 Real Reviews

10 Reasons to Invest in Thane Properties

Well, had it been Mumbai, you wouldn’t have needed a reason to invest, would you? Thane too, is soon going to land you up in a similar situation, where after few years, you wouldn’t require a reason to invest. However, for now, let me throw 10 reasons at you to invest in Thane properties.

1. After Mumbai, Thane it is

Thane1 (3)

 Yes, Mumbai which has witnessed expansive development activities in the past decade, is also now witnessing a space crunch and problems arising due to poor planning. Shifting out from Mumbai, it’s sister city, Thane, is well planned with modern infrastructure to absorb the demand for convenient and holistic lifestyle.

2. Vertical growth


Thane has upcoming localities witnessing a development of a mega 14 KM stretch. These localities include Pokhran 1 and 2, Ghodbunder Road, Kholset Road, Majiwada and Waghbil. All these localities are witnessing a vertical growth in literal sense, with sky-high residential and commercial towers.

3. Prominent Developers



Real Estate Developers, are the first ones to accurately judge an area’s growth and development potential. And not more correctly, the Lodha Group, Kalpataru Group, Hiranandani Group and the Rustomjee Group have set sights on Thane and have already come up with landmark estates.

4. So near, yet not dear


Get used to this phrase, as when in Thane, commute will be off your stress list. Connectivity to Central Mumbai, Western Suburbs and Navi Mumbai is comfortable. Eastern Express Highway connects to Mumbai and the journey is a breeze, be it via road or trains. Commute, the most influential factor for the price of an estate these days, is not yet dear. So, hurry!

5. Twin Sister


Thane has proved to be Mumbai’s counterpart. Entertainment, if not better, is at par with that of Mumbai. Eternity, Korum, R-Mall and the Viviana Mall are some of the many entertainment hubs. Amusement Parks such as Tikuji-ni wadi and Suraj Water Park, are close at hand, and you just might reach faster than your Mumbai friends.

6. Recreation


You wouldn’t have to search for clubs in other suburbs, as Thane itself boasts of many 4 and 5 star recreation clubs, flanked by scenic surroundings. The Blue Roof Club, Ovala on Ghodbunder Road, The Golden Swan Club in Yeoor, Pokhran and United-21, four star hotel cum family club.

7. Lifestyle Factors


You wouldn’t have to worry about them as well, since schools and hospitals in Thane, are in state of the art infrastructure. Vasant Vihar School, Lodha World School and many others provide holistic education. Hiranandani Hospital, Horizon Hospital, are reputed for their effective and reasonable medi-care.

8. Greens & Blues

1806490 (1)

 You will never be blue, since Thane is situated in midst of umpteen green landscapes. Unlike the concrete jungle, that Mumbai is, this city is blessed with the ever-so pleasing beauty of lakes and greens. The TMC Garden, flanked by Yeoor Hills, is vast and beautiful contours soothe are a relief to your eyes. The Olawekar Wadi Butterfly Garden, is a sight one shouldn’t miss, as it holds a beauty of 132 butterfly species in their natural surroundings. All this and much more will elevate your senses after a hard day’s work.

9. Food


The city boasts of sumptuous meals and a variety of cuisine options to delight your taste buds. Multinational coffee-chain, Starbucks, bustles with avid book readers and coffee lovers in Viviana Mall. Pizza Express, Barbeque Nation, The United Sports Bar & Grill, and many other restaurants have a glaring presence. Vada-Pav, Maharashtra’s staple diet, is available at almost every corner, and doesn’t get more delicious.

10. Capital Appreciation


Thane isn’t any different when it comes to enjoying significant capital appreciation in real estate prices. Burgeoning demand due to great connectivity and increasing corporate presence, the future is set to witness explosive appreciation. Ghodbunder Road, Pokhran Road, Kolshet Road and Vasant Vihar, are witnessing robust capital appreciation in Thane. Property values in all the four localities have increased by 30-32 per cent in the last two years. Rental growth in Thane West and Eastern suburbs are rising at a rate of 5% YoY. Buying and Rental of all kinds of properties also have risen in recent years since Thane has emerged as the most preferred market of Residential Real Estate and Commercial Real Estate.

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