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Top 6 checklist for DINK property hunters in Mumbai

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Double Income No Kids (p.s DINK), itself sounds easy. Income is double, with no children to come home to amplify your recreational time with the loved ones and friends. Kids are synonyms to happiness, agility, emotions and security at the same time, family growth, immense responsibilities, nurturing and increased expenditure.


DINK property hunters, with their disposable incomes, time for aspiring hobbies and entertainment, early adopters and sometimes even innovators in the consumer behavior analysis, are undoubtedly neat catch for developers.

But well, no kids , more fun! Here is a top 5 checklist for DINK property hunters:

Residence security


 As double income implies, both the people of the house are going to be at work. Right from leaving for work in the morning till they return home , after a hard day’s work , nobody wants to see a house half empty of its’ valuables. Security is the driving feature while deciding one’s residence , be it with kids or no kids. Having a safe and secure residence in a sound location, with 1 or 2 or 3 tier security features, on-call security, emergency services, CCTV surveillance etc. are utmost essentials as property deciding factor.

Pumping Night life


 After a hard day at work or perhaps a grueling week, the duo need their time out to elevate and loosen up. Since , there are no kids , nights can always be longer. With night clubs, pubs and drive-aways, the night only get more fun and great to look forward to. Rejuvenation and quality time with the loved one is an essential secret to better health and hassle-free mind. A work-hard-party-harder lifestyle ; an amazing night life that doesn’t boil down to night clubs and pubs but there are many late night eateries , open-air lounges , walkways for an memorable stroll with your loved one , which will surely release you from your stress-cage and keep your energized for challenges ahead .

Quick weekend getaways

cheap-honeymoon-packages      515766235

 Following a hectic schedule of work , right from the start to the very end of the week , without any break , makes your life mundane and dull . Scenic and enjoyable weekend getaways are the best way to elevate your senses . They can be either recreational parks , or just a picturesque hill , with never-ending green landscapes . Such getaways are an enjoyable time with your partner , to talk your heart out , spend some quality time away from hustle-bustle of the city and it’s snarling traffic woes . Getaways actually get your mind away from the tension loaded life and act as your mind and body charger ,helping you face another week of work , with more grit and zeal .    

Shopping and Recreational spots

011_024_200713        couple-shopping

Men and women have an equal desire of shopping and to put up with good clothes , understating the fact that only women love shopping . Close by shopping complexes or malls , act as recreational hubs for working couples . Since there is much more than only shopping .Apart from shopping designer modern and ethnic labels , malls hold multiplexes , if you wish to catch up for a cute movie date . Ample of food options in the massive food court , keeps your kitchen clean and dry for a day . Shopping and recreation will leave you with a lighter wallet but surely will lighten up you mood .

Easy Commute


 Commute is the most important factor which couples look onto . Commute to work , to recreational spots , getaways and suburbs , should be convenient and less time taking . Nobody wants to face stress at work or while commuting for work . Easy commute and suitable transport routes , are significant factors influencing DINK property hunters.

Smart Living

Smart House Flat Illustration Concept

 Smart living takes care of infrastructural development, waste management, generation of renewable energy and efficient usage of the same, coherent transport, energy, lifestyle, security, well-being, comfort and livability quotient. Now these do not always mean higher living cost, but choosing a township, building or locality that intends to fulfilling the above factors add value to the couple’s investment plan in the same, saves time, makes way for better things in life and ensures good home management. India is fast catching up with the ‘Smart City’ concept wherein the country is expected to have 50 smart cities in the next 25 years, aiming to change people perceive living in the country.



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