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Locality Trips for Real Estate Investment in Mumbai

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When you buy a house, it’s just not the house which you get, the locality comes free with it. Knowing your house is as important as knowing your locality. Nowadays real estate prices are sky-rocketing, with every new developer trying to delight his customers with range of amenities, keeping him occupied indoors. Well, this is the catch. The developer will shower you with state of the art amenities, but not pay heed to your other lifestyle needs. This is where the locality trips come into the picture. A locality trip is like a short tour around your desired real estate property. Apart from the 4 walls of your future abode, it will show you around many lifestyle influencing factors; be it hospitals, educational and shopping complexes, business parks, general stores and anything under the Sun, to help you make an informed decision on your desired real estate investment.

Dream house

A developer or a local real estate broker might leave you blind and wouldn’t inform you much about the locality, if he finds that the locality stands as a strong disincentive to purchase a property therein. For instance, a middle-aged couple, were scouting for a property which enjoys close vicinity to schools and universities. The developer lured them and locked the deal through his sweet words and internal, external amenities, however the couple was left in lurch when they realized that there wasn’t any good educational institution near at hand, thus leaving their future in a precarious situation. Knowing your neighborhood is as important nowadays, as making informed decisions has become crucial, since real estate investments are pegged at hefty amounts, and regretting later on can become an unaffordable situation.


A locality trip acts as a convenient and easy decision making tool for a ready-to-move in buyer. The locality trip would work on 3 major aspects:

> Credible Information

> Thorough scouting

> Professional Approach

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A local broker may not be able to provide you detailed information, but a locality expert will  design your trip by taking into consideration all of your priorities. Talking about detailed information, a locality expert is also well versed with various upcoming infrastructural developments. The trip expert will furnish reliable information regarding the same, and also lay out the future growth and capital appreciation prospects. The informations can be handy for an investor in search of delightful returns. The process remains neutral and allows you to make the decision at your discretion.

For a couple with kids, the locality trip would be concoction of schools/ pre- schools, creative capital elements, hobby classes, open spaces and recreational spots thus ensuring the basic family concerns are met on priority. Along with this, the trip would also address the commute and transit queries, infrastructural developments, entertainments nearby, mediacal clinics, lifestyle factors, pollution grades, connectivity and other relevant factors for a working couple.


Locality trips act as a precursor for investing in real estate. They are pretty much common in the Western countries and soon will be a need in the eastern world as well. If you are the one who can’t stay caged in 4 walls and do need fresh air and Sun to soak in, then locality trips it is, to find you homes and not houses.


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