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April 16, 2015 Comments (0) Views: 1016 Entertainment & More

Digital is the Future

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Other way around the context , does make precise sense , ie, Future is Digital . Isn’t it already digital ?

By the time , you read the line above , atleast 1 new phone must have been launched in the market and the number of mobile users in India would have jumped by another million i.e. , 900 million existing users plus 1 million new users almost daily . This growth is phenomenal. 3 out of every 5 mobile phone users are connected to the internet. Internet subscribers are rising globally thanks to the competitive telecom-service providers, making it accessible to almost every Tom, Dick and Harry .



Mobile phones , mp3-video gadgets , the iPads , the phablets ( P.S phone=tablet )  , smart-TVs , and so much more . Gone are the days when you used to require a 4 inch thick music device (walk-man) to listen to your favorite songs or even a cam-recorder to shoot videos during your tours . It’s all gone . Right from your humble telephone , to your hand-held paper maps , everything has been digitally fit into a less-than-a-inch smartphone device . Digital Revolution has taken the world in it’s grasp . Everything you require , from your apparel needs to stationery needs , is fulfilled online just by a click . (P.S touch ) .


You no more need to move out and shop for clothes or appliances . Surf on e-tailer websites such as Flipkart , Amazon , who serve you almost anything under the Sun , possible .

Digital invention has been so drastic that there is hardly any physical evidence ; movies , songs , images , documents , etc . Do you remember the last time you got down to get your negatives converted to physical photos ? I don’t . Images , videos are inevitably present , everywhere. You can take them along, anywhere, share them, leaving behind the fear of exposing the photo film to UV rays ,rendering it useless .

Uber taxi app 


            Remember the photo studio uncle who would click you and your family on occasions, tours and trips? He would have a big camera and 2-3 small black cans of photo films . Clicking unnecessary pictures was reprimanded, due to the fear of exhausting the photo-film roll. Do you face any such problem these days ? I bet no. Nowadays, phones are equipped with suave cameras, able to capture realistic images , without the fear of exhausting your film roll. Phones are loaded with ample memory space , ranging from 16GBs to 200GBS . If this isn’t sufficient , then there is always a 1TB mega-drive .

shutterstock_62396200-350x329    ssddforensics_small

In mid-90s, a storage hard-drive of 100 MB capacity , could easily occupy the whole room . But now, space is too precious. A 64gb memory drive can easily fit onto your finger tip . That’s the digital revolution.

Talking about physical evidence, today ready downloads of songs are available widely over the internet. A single click and they are onto your digital music library. But the scene wasn’t the same till perhaps just a decade back.

xbox_music_screenshot_2     nvrd_10

The 90s had cassettes – with a nagging black film in it , which needed to be rolled back , manually , incase you wanted to re-wind. It was inefficient enough to entangle within your device and malfunction. After cassettes came the CDs , a thin magnetic circular disc , which gave respite from the manual hardwork of rolling the cassette films . However , these optical discs were soon replaced by online transfer of music , leaving behind it’s physical existence .

Let’s talk about postmen. Their arrival was the most awaited, an extremely important source of delivering important messages, today  you rarely see them. Their work has been taken over by e-mails, text messages, phone calls, social networking applications such as Whatsapp , Facebook , etc . The world is a global village. A few clicks and you are talking to your loved one, located miles away.


Digital revolution has taken over the traditional way of teaching too . Schools no more necessarily have those blackboards , dusters , chalks . It has been taken over by interactive-teaching sessions through video/slide presentations , enabling much more flexibility and understanding of the topic .

maxresdefault (3)


Digitizing everything is “in-thing”. Newspapers are already available online , by the way of e-periodicals . You no longer need to purchase novels , enclyclopedias , biographies and think of storing them in your book-shelves ; there are e-books already . Just download , read and share too .

There has been so much in so less time . And so much more to come . The tomorrow is today .


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